Blue Cat's Phaser - VST 3.01

Blue Cat's Phaser - VST 3.01

Free Blue Cat's Phaser reproduces the old vintage phasing effect
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Blue Cat's Phaser has been modeled after the vintage analog phaser circuits. This plug-in has the advantage to reproduce that vintage phasing effect that you find in many old recordings, although you will hear it with the modern digital processing techniques.

There are many features in Blue Cat's Phaser plug-in. The Phaser can apply up to 32 phasing stages, which represents that you will push the model to its limits without any problem at all. Or you can create a subtle phasing effect with feedback and wet parameters which are set to a few percents. The 32 phasing stages are in a multi-stage analog style. It includes very simple to use stereo width control, no latency, the ability to undo/redo, import and export presets and share them between the DirectX and VST Versions. This plug-in supports MIDI control and Blue cat's skinning Language to give you control over the end sound and quality. You will also be able to control the phase in the feedback and wet paths, which parameters can be negative, extending its possibilities.

You are able to download more skins for the 'Phaser' on Blue Cat's Audio website. It includes native DSP code for optimal performance and any sample rate is supported. It also includes no CPU load on idle, which means that when the plug-in is fed with silence, the processing smoothly shuts down to optimize the CPU usage of your digital audio workstation.

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